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  1. JMAG Development Plans 2007-2008

    Takashi Yamada, JRI Solutions, Ltd.

  2. Computer Analysis of Dual Frequency Induction Heating using JMAG-Studio

    Takashi Horino, NETUREN CO.,LTD.

  3. How Simulation Can Support the Automotive EMC-Development Process

    Stephan Frei, University Dortmund

  4. Modern Hardware-In-the Loop Simulation Technology for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Christian Dufour, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

  5. A study on analysis of PM stepping motor

    Kaoru Miyazaki, SANYO Seimitsu Co.,Limited

  6. Electromagnetic and Thermal Characterization of a Permanent-Magnet Tubular Machine using JMAG software

    VESE Ioama-Comelia, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

  7. Evaluation of the acoustic noise of DC permanent magnet motor

    Frank Hsieh, Chi-Hua Fitness Co.,Ltd.

  8. Large Torque and High Effectiency Permanent Magnet Reluctance Motor for A Hybrid Truck

    Masanori Arata, Toshiba Corporation

  9. Introduction to the electromagnetic field analysis software for transformer design

    Yusaku Suzuki, JRI Solutions, Ltd.

  10. An analysis of the inductance for gapped magnet-core reactor

    Toshikazu Ninomiya, Tamura Coporation

  11. Object lesson og electric equipment design that users JMAG in Mie University

    Masao Syuto, Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co.,Ltd.

  12. Temperature analysis og non-invasive hyperthermia system using JMAG-Studio

    Kazuo Kato, Meiji University

  13. Resent trend of the permanent magnet and the magnetic field analysis technology

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  14. Application and possibilities of High Silicon Steels-JFE Super Core

    Hironori Ninomiya, JFE Steel Corporation

  15. The Effective Use of Magnetic Property Database

    Koji Fujiwara, Doshisha University


    Akira Chiba, Tokyo University of Science

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