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  1. JMAG Development Plans 2007-2008

    Takashi Yamada, JRI Solutions, Ltd.

    • Computer Analysis of Dual Frequency Induction Heating using JMAG-Studio

      Takashi Horino, NETUREN CO.,LTD.

    • How Simulation Can Support the Automotive EMC-Development Process

      Stephan Frei, University Dortmund

      • Modern Hardware-In-the Loop Simulation Technology for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles

        Christian Dufour, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

      • A study on analysis of PM stepping motor

        Kaoru Miyazaki, SANYO Seimitsu Co.,Limited

      • Electromagnetic and Thermal Characterization of a Permanent-Magnet Tubular Machine using JMAG software

        VESE Ioama-Comelia, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

      • Evaluation of the acoustic noise of DC permanent magnet motor

        Frank Hsieh, Chi-Hua Fitness Co.,Ltd.

      • Large Torque and High Effectiency Permanent Magnet Reluctance Motor for A Hybrid Truck

        Masanori Arata, Toshiba Corporation

      • Introduction to the electromagnetic field analysis software for transformer design

        Yusaku Suzuki, JRI Solutions, Ltd.

      • An analysis of the inductance for gapped magnet-core reactor

        Toshikazu Ninomiya, Tamura Coporation

      • Object lesson og electric equipment design that users JMAG in Mie University

        Masao Syuto, Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co.,Ltd.

      • Temperature analysis og non-invasive hyperthermia system using JMAG-Studio

        Kazuo Kato, Meiji University

      • The Effective Use of Magnetic Property Database

        Koji Fujiwara, Doshisha University


        Akira Chiba, Tokyo University of Science

      • Demands for electromagnetic field analysis and problems specific to transformers

        Shigekazu Sakabe, Tabuchi Electric Co.,Ltd.

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