[JAC101] AL-value Current Characteristics Analysis of a Choke Coil

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A choke coil is an electric component that is intended to filter high-frequency current. The AL-value is a vital parameter in a choke coil design that determines the cutoff frequency of a high-frequency current.
Because the AL-value is often set as a design specification and AL-value is a nonlinear magnetic property of the core, it varies widely according to the making current. Finite element analysis (FEA) enables accurate reflection of magnetic properties, and so can obtain AL-value current properties and provide feedback for design.
This note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the AL-value current properties of a choke coil.

Magnetic Flux Density, Flux Linkage, and AL-value

The magnetic flux density distributions of the core for currents of 0.5 A and 0.7 A are indicated in fig. 1, the current characteristics of the flux linkage are indicated in fig. 2, and the current characteristics for the AL-value are indicated in fig. 3. If the current flowing in the coil increases, the flux linkage increases only minimally because of magnetic saturation in the core. Furthermore, the AL-value is smaller due to magnetic saturation in areas where the current is large because the AL-value is the inductance per turn in the coil.

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