123 – Thermal Analysis of a Choke Coil

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A choke coil is an electric component that is intended to filter high-frequency current. The current generated in the choke coil has offsets caused by the skin effect, proximity effect, and leakage flux near the gap, so it is distributed both inside of and between the wires. Iron loss generated in the core is also distributed by offsets in the core’s magnetic flux density.
Iron loss in the choke coil’s core and copper loss in its coil become a heat source in addition to reducing efficiency, so they need to be understood and reduced from a heating design standpoint. An analysis using the finite element method (FEM) is effective in getting more information about the design by quantitatively evaluating the heat generation phenomena with copper and iron losses as the heat sources.
This Application Note shows the use of a thermal analysis to obtain the temperature distribution using the iron losses and copper losses in the choke coil as the heat source.

Temperature Distribution

Fig. 1 shows its temperature distribution, and fig. 2 shows the maximum temperature in each part.

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