252 – Shape Optimization of a Solenoid Valve

Application Note / Model Data


For the good functioning of a solenoid valve, we want that the solenoid valve is as responsive as possible to the opening and closing commands. For this, we want to optimize the rise time of the solenoid valve’s mover.
But at the same time we want to make sure that the volume of the solenoid valve doesn’t increase much.
In this example, we introduce the case study that optimize the shape of a solenoid valve using a multi-objective optimization algorithm.

Optimization Settings

The rise time of the mover is measured form the time the coil is feed to the time the mover reaches its final position.
We will therefore look at the impact of shape of the mover has on the rise time of mover.
Fig. 1 shows geometrical design parameters that will be changed in the solenoid valve. The dimensions presented are all defined by two parameter: Radius and Shoulder_coefficient. Equations in Fig 2. shows the relation between all the geometric parameters.
For this case study, we will set the optimization to minimize the rise time of the mover as well as the volume of the mover.
The constraint and set in this optimization study are all described in Table 1.


Looking simply at the rise time depending on the volume of the valve in Fig. 3. We can see that increasing the Radius / Volume decreases the time needed for the mover to reach its final position. The minimal rise time being set 12.8 msec with a Radius of 7.9 mm and a Volume of 15.6 cm^3.
This represent an decrees of 50 % in Rise time but an increase of 56 % in Volume from the base model.
To find the best compromise between rise time and volume we introduce a volumetric rise time. It will be the product of the rise time of a geometry by its volume.
This is illustrated in Fig. 4 where we found that the best compromise is a rise time of 14.6 msec and a Radius of 6.1 mm. It increases the volume of the valve by 20 %. but on the other hand, it decreases the rise time by 40 %. Giving a better rise time for the space used.

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