Brush Motor / Universal Motor

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    106 – Iron Loss Analysis of a Brush Motor

    OverviewBrush motors are used in many devices, particularly smaller-sized ones. With demands for energy-saving in recent years, higher efficiency is desired not only in high perfo…

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    71 – Basic Characteristic Analysis of a Motor with 2 Brushes, 6 Poles, and 19 Slots

    OverviewSmall brush motors generally have a structure containing 2 poles and 3 slots, but there are times when a multi-pole structure is adopted in order to produce higher torque.…

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    111 – Starting Performance Analysis of a Universal Motor

    OverviewA universal motor is a motor that rotates on both direct and alternating currents. A universal motor is used in home appliances and industrial machines because these motor…

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    95 – Analysis of a Universal Motor

    OverviewMotors in electrical industrial equipment are often used for cutting and machining, so it is desirable for them to be usable at high rotation speeds. Induction motors cann…

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    3 – Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Brush Motor

    OverviewA brush motor generates torque through the electromagnetic attraction and repulsion between its rotor and stator. They do not have many parts and do not require drive circ…

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