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  1. [JAC206] Temperature Analysis of an Oil-Immersed Transformer Using a Coupled Magnetic Field and Thermal Fluid Analysis

    This document introduces, examples and steps will be shown to obtain heat distribution in a magnetic field analysis for a forced circulation type oil-immersed transformer, map the…

  2. [JAC146] Analysis of Stray Loss in a Transformer

    This Application Note explains how to obtain losses in a transformer tank and use them to evaluate the temperature distribution in each part.

  3. [JAC133] Thermal Analysis of a Three-phase Transformer

    This Application Note presents an example of how to confirm a temperature distribution using the iron and copper losses of a three-phase transformer as heat sources.

  4. [JAC123] Thermal Analysis of a Choke Coil

    This Application Note shows the use of a thermal analysis to obtain the temperature distribution using the iron losses and copper losses in the choke coil as the heat source.

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