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    159 – Sensitivity Analysis of Dimensional Tolerance in an SPM Motor

    OverviewThe corners of magnets used in surface permanent magnet (SPM) motors can be filleted, chamfered, etc. However, it is difficult to maintain exactly the same production in t…

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    129 – Analysis of a PM Stepper Motor Accounting for Magnetization

    OverviewStepper motors are commonly used for positioning in printers and digital cameras. In PM stepper motors, the motor's characteristics are determined through design of the ma…

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    46 – Sensitivity Analysis of the Magnetization Pattern of an SMP Motor

    OverviewThe magnet in a surface permanent magnet (SPM) motor is arranged on the rotor's surface, facing the stator. The motor produces torque from the interaction between the magn…

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    55 – Integrated Magnetization Analysis of an IPM Motor

    OverviewInterior permanent magnet (IPM) motors often use strong rare earth magnets. They have poor workability, however, because the magnets are inserted into the rotor's small ga…

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    80 – Cogging Torque Analysis of an SPM Motor with Skewed Magnetization

    OverviewReductions in vibration and noise are being sought after because they are a cause of torque variations in motors, and demands for reduction are particularly strong with mo…

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