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    166 – Line Start Simulation of an Induction Machine Using a Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    OverviewCollaborative design is difficult because the controls and motor are designed independently. However, it has become necessary to resolve challenges through high-accuracy s…

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    112 – Starting Thrust Force Analysis of a Linear Induction Motor

    OverviewLinear motors are widely used for carrier devices and machine tools because of their high-speed performance, high acceleration and deceleration, and accurate positioning. …

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    161 – Line Start Analysis of a Three-phase Induction Machine

    OverviewThe simplest method for starting an induction motor is a line start that connects the motor to a direct power supply. For a line start, the static impedance is small compa…

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    162 – Drive Simulation of an SR Motor using a Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    OverviewSR motors are gaining attention as motors that do not use permanent magnets. However, torque pulsation is greater in SR motors because of the way their torque is generated…

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    111 – Starting Performance Analysis of a Universal Motor

    OverviewA universal motor is a motor that rotates on both direct and alternating currents. A universal motor is used in home appliances and industrial machines because these motor…

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    38 – Starting Performance Analysis of a Single Phase Induction Motor

    OverviewSingle phase induction motors are widely used as small output motors for the drives in household electrical appliances and office machinery, like fans and washing machines…

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