Electrostatic/Time Harmonic Electric (3D)

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    250 – Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Roller Electrodes

    In this example, a use case is presented where the influence of the pitch of roller electrodes on the temperature distribution of a material (tablets) is evaluated.

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    249 – Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Parallel Plate Electrodes

    In this example, a use case evaluating the influence on the temperature distribution of materials (tablets) with and without auxiliary electrodes is presented.

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    73 – Analysis of Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor

    OverviewCapacitors are widely used as basic passive components in a variety of electric circuits. Parallel plate capacitors are taken up as the subject matter for how to obtain ca…

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    197 – Electric field distribution Analysis of a Electroplating

    OverviewElectroplating is a technology that forms a metal film on the surface of an object and is currently used in various fields from electric parts to automobiles.When electrop…

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    196 – Analysis of coil stray capacitance

    OverviewIn a high frequency application, not only the coil's inductance component but its capacitance component cannot be ignored and results in degradation of the circuit impedan…

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    151 – Insulation Evaluation Analysis of a Power Transformer

    OverviewA transformer is an electrical device that uses electromagnetic induction to convert the voltage level of alternating current power. Among transformers, power transformers…

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    131 – Stray Capacitance Analysis of a Motor

    OverviewMotors driven by PWM inverters are widely used in household appliances. It is known that when a PWM inverter is used for drive, common mode current flows and axial voltage…

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