Electrostatic/Time Harmonic Electric (3D)

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  1. 73 – Analysis of Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor

    OverviewCapacitors are widely used as basic passive components in a variety of electric circuits. Parallel plate capacitors are taken up as the subject matter for how to obtain capacitance, a basic e…

    24 Oct 2018

  2. 250 – Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Roller Electrodes

    In this example, evaluation of the influence of the pitch of the roller electrodes on the material (tablet) temperature distribution are shown.

    15 Apr 2018

  3. 249 – Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Parallel Plate Electrodes

    In this example, evaluations of the influence on the material (tablet) temperature distribution with and without auxiliary electrodes are shown.

    14 Mar 2018

  4. 197 – Electric field distribution Analysis of a Electroplating

    OverviewElectroplating is a technology that forms a metal film on the surface of an object and is currently used in various fields from electric parts to automobiles.When electroplating, use a soluti…

    9 Mar 2018

  5. 196 – Analysis of coil stray capacitance

    OverviewIn a high frequency application, not only the coil's inductance component but its capacitance component cannot be ignored and results in degradation of the circuit impedance characteristics a…

  6. 151 – Insulation Evaluation Analysis of a Power Transformer

    OverviewA transformer is an electrical device that uses electromagnetic induction to convert the voltage level of alternating current power. Among transformers, power transformers that are used in po…

    12 Jul 2011

  7. 131 – Stray Capacitance Analysis of a Motor

    OverviewMotors driven by PWM inverters are widely used in household appliances. It is known that when a PWM inverter is used for drive, common mode current flows and axial voltage is produced in the …

    26 Nov 2009

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