A New Method of PM Motor Drive Control -Analysis of PM Motor Using by JMAG-Works-

Hideshi Ohtsuka,Masaji Nakatani, SHARP Corporation


Reduction of electrical power consumption in consumer electronics has become an important and essential technology, in light of heightened public concern regarding energy conservation and environmental protection in recent years, and the institution of a “top-runner” energy-saving standard wherein the industry-leading power consumption level is taken as the baseline.
We have thus sought to develop a new drive control technology that would achieve both reduced power consumption and noise in the motors used in compressors, which are the principal component in air conditioners and account for approximately 95 percent of air apply through magnetic field analysis through experiments an conditioner power consumption. This report explores the possibilities of ing this new drive control technology in interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors d JMAG.
We were able to confirm through the results that, with the new control method, optimum efficiency operation is possible, as there is a linear relationship between applied coil voltage and current/voltage phase differentials, making it possible to obtain a desired current/voltage phase differential by controlling the applied voltage. In addition, the current/voltage phase differential changes due to the influence of magnet torque and armature reaction. We were able to identify that the changes were caused by motor configuration, load torque, and rotation speed Furthermore, we were able to confirm through experiments and magnetic field analyses that the current/voltage phase differential that produced maximum motor efficiency is within the leading domain, influenced by magnet torque and armature reaction.

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