The Motor Control Technologies for New-Generation Prius

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A great deal of attention of the technology for reduction of CO2 emission from vehicles has been focused, because of preventing the global worming. The improvement of the acceleration performance of the vehicle generally grows worse its fuel efficiency. The hybrid vehicle “New–Generation Prius” solved these problems by using the electric motor along with the internal combustion engine. The improvement of the acceleration performance of Prius is realized not only by applying the lighter body and the high-powered engine, but also by the enhancement of the motor power. Therefore, the refinement of the motor and the optimization of the control of the electric system for the high-powered motor are important subjects. In this paper, we deal with the motor and the system control technique, adapted to the New-Generation Prius launched out in 2003. We mainly showed about the control of the high-powered motor and the variable voltage system, contributed to the improvement of the fuel efficiency and the driving performance under the hybrid power supply, and last we indicated the result of the system applied New-Prius.

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