Report of Harumi-1 Project

Katsuyuki Narita, Tetsuya Hattori
Engineering Technology Division, JSOL Corp.


We have examined the modeling and analytical technique of a permanent magnet synchronous machine by JMAG using Harumi-1(IPMSM) that we designed and manufactured.
This time we’ll report the iron loss and vibration estimation technique and compare with measured results.
[Iron Loss] Iron losses can be estimated by the coupling analysis between JMAG(JMAG-RT) and control simulator. The iron losses at various operating conditions (phase angle, carrier frequency, modulation factor..) are calculated by the coupling analysis system and compared with measured losses.
[Vibration] We introduce the modeling method for a vibration analysis in order to estimate the electromagnetic vibration of a stator case due to the resonance phenomenon between the natural frequency and the electromagnetic force.

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