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  1. [JFT059] How to Account for Harmonic Current (JMAG-RT)

    This document explains how to use harmonic current waveforms in magnetic field analyses when obtained from running circuit simulation using plant models (JMAG-RT models).

    26 Dec 2018

  2. [L-MB-33]Supporting Motor Drive Development with a JMAG-MATLAB/Simulink Coupling

    Together with Mathworks, the company that develops MATLAB/Simulink (hereafter referred to as "Simulink"), JMAG strongly supports model-based development (hereafter referred to as MBD), which is utili…

    19 Sep 2018

  3. [W-MB-63] Method for Determining the Optimum Resolution of JMAG-RT Model

    In recent years, with the shortening of the development cycle, the application of model-based development (below, MBD) is progressing.

    29 Aug 2018

  4. [L-MU-93] JMAG/Adams/Simulink Coupled Vehicle Drive Simulation

    Generally, it is said that drive motors used in electric cars have less vibration than engines, however, vibration caused by torque ripple may be transmitted to the entire vehicle becoming an issue. …

  5. [L-OP-26]Reducing License Costs for Multi-Case Calculations

    A new license system has been implemented to lower license costs for multi-case calculations, such as parametric analyses, optimizations, and JMAG-RT model generation.

    23 Jul 2018

  6. [L-MB-82]FEA Models to Plant Models within Short Time Periods

    In model-based development (MBD), plant models that can simulate actual machines at a high accuracy are required. For this reason, the use of plant models using FEA that are capable of extracting hig…

  7. [L-MB-55]High Fidelity Behavior Models Generation for Control/Circuit Simulation using JMAG-RT

    The electrification in the automotive industries produces many new components with the complicated circuit network. For example, the three phase motors have been commonly used in EV/HEV. However, due…

  8. [W-MB-65] The Necessity of JMAG-RT 3D Models

    1. BackgroundA highly accurate plant model is indispensable for model-based design motor drive simulation. By usingJMAG-RT or other such software, it is possible to generate a highly accurate plant m…

    26 Mar 2018

  9. [W-MB-64] Modeling Loss in JMAG-RT

    1.BackgroundA highly accurate plant model is required for motor drive simulation for model-based design. JMAG-RT cangenerate highly accurate plant models from FEA models. The JMAG-RT models can model…

  10. [JFT012] JMAG-RT Model Generation of Wound-Field Synchronous Motor

    This document shows how to generate a JMAG-RT model of a wound-field synchronous motor and how to execute control simulation using a JMAG-RT model in MATLAB/Simulink.

    15 Mar 2018

  11. [JFT011] User-Defined Physical Amount Output to JMAG-RT Model

    This document contains sample data and operation procedures for learning how to use the “User-defined physical quantities output from JMAG-RT” function.

  12. 243 – Voice Coil Motor Control Simulation Using a Control Simulator and JMAG-RT

    OverviewLinear actuators are used for machine tools and similar devices because they can exhibit high speed, high acceleration/deceleration, and high-precision positioning. In particular, coreless ty…

  13. 239 – Fault Analysis in an IPM Motor

    OverviewElectrical faults are a commonly occurring conditions during operation of machines. These can cause an adverse effect on the power electronics or the power system connected to these machines.…

  14. 231 – Vector Control Simulation of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    OverviewSince control design and motor design are designed by different designers, cooperative design is difficult. However, in order to meet the sophisticated demands in recent years, it is importan…

    13 Mar 2018

  15. 230 – 6-Phase SPM Motor Inverter Fault Simulation

    OverviewIn recent years, multiphase design has been adopted for automotive motors due to the merits of cost reduction and improvement in functions.For example, for power supplies there are 6-phase mo…

  16. 227 – Circuit Control Simulation for Three-Phase Induction Motor

    OverviewSince control design and motor design are designed by different designers, coordination of the designs is difficult. However, in order to realize the sophisticated demands of recent years, it…

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