Researches on the Behavior of Vibration and Noise of an IPM Motor on HEV

Zeng Jinling


Hybrid electric vehicles are becoming more popular, but the higher efficiency and miniaturization requires of the IPM motor result in vibration and noise, which make electric motor as the major vibration and noise source of the hybrid electric vehicle. It is well known that the source of these problems will be difficult to be pinpointed when the motor is mounted in vehicle. Meanwhile, a significant amount of time and money may be cost in manufacturing process of these faulty motors. So, how to quickly identify and reduce the vibration and noise of electric motor has become a necessity. In this paper, a numerical analysis method will be provided to expeditiously predict and understand the behavior of vibration and noise of an IPM motor in the stage of product design.

Keywords hybrid electric vehicle, IPM motor, NVH, numerical analysis method

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