Efficient 3-dimensional optimization technology for high-precise magnetic rotation angle sensor

Takaomi Kojima
Tamagawa-Seiki Co., Ltd. Engineering Affairs Sec. Engineering and Quarity Management Dept.


Magnetic type rotation angle sensor is used for Hybrid-car, Shinkansen, Aircraft, a work machine, etc. It is classified into a Gear type magnetic encoder and Coil type Resolver, Singlsyn, etc. from the detection principle. In development of these magnetic type angle sensors, the example is showed which is optimized to the target of high-precision effectively by using JMAG.
The optimization design technique using direct cooperation of 3 dimensional CAD and JMAG has been used in recent years. The objects which cannot be solved correctly only using 3 dimensional analysis, the optimal analysis need huge time.
In order to solve this problem, the 2 dimensional section analysis function of JMAG effectively used. Analyzing the difference in 2 and 3 dimensional analysis result, and mixing 2 kinds of analysis, efficient optimization analysis was solved 3 dimensional analysis at high speed.

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