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  1. 244 – Magnetic Field Strength Analysis at a Sensor Position

    In this example, with the analysis target being a motor and the detection sensor being a TMR sensor, an example where a detection signal waveform is obtained that is based on magn…

  2. 248 – Analysis of a Variable Reluctance Resolver

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluates the output voltages and angle error of the variable reluctance resolver.

  3. The design of magnetic circuit for magnetostrictive sensor

    Hiroshi Matsumoto, System Research Group Fundamental Technology Research Div. YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD.

  4. Efficient 3-dimensional optimization technology for high-precise magnetic rotation angle sensor

    Takaomi Kojima, Tamagawa-Seiki Co., Ltd.

  5. Approach of electromagnetic-field analysis in digital AV equipment

    Hirotsugu Fusayasu, Panasonic Corporation

  6. Eddy-Current Rotor Position Sensor

    Seiji Shimizu, Sumida Electric Co.,Ltd.

  7. Making JMAG analysis handy by CATIA models

    Yajima Hisashi, SMC Corporation

  8. 102 – Magnetic Field Analysis of a Magnetic Sensor

    OverviewWith recent improvements in the functionality of electric devices and home appliances, magnetic sensors are being used more for contactless sensing of whether device doors…

  9. 28 – Magnetic Field Analysis of a Speed Sensor

    OverviewAntilock brake systems (ABS) have become a standard feature in vehicles, so speed sensors are attached to each wheel in order to measure their respective speeds. There are…

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