Development of Advanced Keyless System Using Magnetic Field CAE

Toshihide Yoshida
Vehicle System Development Dept, Mazda Motor Corporation


Mazda has been promoting the introduction of systems using magnetic field communications, such as an advanced keyless system and immobilizer system, as products that enhance vehicle convenience. To ensure the communication performance of these systems, it is necessary to lay out the coil antenna for the use of magnetic transmission (hereinafter referred to as LF antenna (LF: Low Frequency)) in an appropriate place of the vehicle. In the conventional design method, the layout of the LF antenna is determined experimentally by use of a prototype vehicle. To realize prototype-free development, however, it became necessary to develop the communication performance through virtual evaluations. This time, with use of the magnetic field simulation technology (hereinafter referred to as CAE), we have developed a technology to theoretically verify the communication performance of these systems.

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