Abaqus – JMAG Cosimulation of Induction Heating and Induction Forming Processes

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Kazuhiro Maeda, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA


The Co-simulation Engine (CSE) of Abaqus provides a vendor neutral framework for performing multiphysics simulations. It allows coupling among different vendor and private codes that model either a particular physics or the control mechanism governing the application being modeled. The co-simulation functionality between Abaqus and JMAG brings together the advanced modeling capabilities of Abaqus and JMAG with respective strengths in the fields of structural mechanics and electromagnetics. This functionality is capable of coupling various physics by exchanging conjugate physical quantities such as heat flux-temperature and body force-displacement in a conservative manner. The coupling also accounts for mesh deformation in a manner that is completely opaque to the user. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the co-simulation functionality between Abaqus and JMAG using induction heating and induction forming analyses.

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