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  1. [JAC208] High Frequency Induction Hardening Analysis Accounting for Deformation (Abaqus Link)

    This document introduces evaluates how heating ranges change depending on the deformation amount at high temperatures and deformation during heating, with heat generation analysis…

  2. [L-MU-07]Multiphysics Analysis by Linking with Specialized Tools

    The mapping function between models with different dimensions in a JMAG multiphysics analysis can also be used when running a coupled analysis with other tools. JMAG makes it poss…

  3. [JAC091] Iron Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor Including the Effects of Press Fitting Stress

    This Application Note presents modeling the press fitting of a core and frame with the Press Fit condition and then obtaining the iron loss density of an IPM motor with and withou…

  4. [JAC045] High-Frequency Induction Heating Analysis of an IH Cooking Heater

    This Application Note shows how to obtain the magnetic flux density surrounding an IH cooking heater that uses high frequency induction heating and the temperature distribution of…

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