Optimization of Electric Motors for Automotive Applications

Stephan Paul
IAV GmbH Chemnitz


Power and torque density are very important issues in design of electric motors for application in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Permanent excited synchronous machines (PSM) seem to meet this requirement perfectly. Additionally, it uses a compact and robust design without slip rings. However, the permanent excitation has also some disadvantages as extensive no load losses at high speeds or high costs. During the design of an e-motor many boundary conditions have to be taken into account. Despite that the development has to focus on the strong requirements set by the costumer. For that purpose IAV uses JMAG in combination with its own optimization-tool. Using this toolchain IAV is able to optimize the electro-magnetic behavior and the mechanical strength of an e-motor within one optimization-process. This is very important to be able to maximize the flux utilization of the permanent magnets built into the rotor and to ensure the rotor can withstand the required maximum rotor-speed.

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