Comparison of electromagnetic and thermal modelling with JMAG with electromagnetic and thermal equivalent circuit models and experimental test results

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Shinara UTEGENOVA, Airbus Helicopters


Nowadays, the electrical propulsion system enters intensely in the aerospace world. The machine technologies are compared in the context of their performances, dimensions and ability to satisfy the specific safety requirements. The aerospace applications require electrical machines with high power density and reduced size which lead to machine overheating because of high loss generation inside the machine and loss of performances. It is not a secret that design of an electrical machine is dependent on magnetic and electric loadings. High electromagnetic loadings cause the machine dimensions to increase, which is inadvisable in some applications. Reduced machine dimensions and high losses penalize the thermal behaviour of the machine.
As a result, the precise prediction of machine electromagnetic and thermal behaviour becomes crucial while identifying its correspondence to the safety specifications.In this paper, particularly, the results of electromagnetic and thermal analysis using JMAG are presented. The comparative analysis with thermal experimental test is provided.

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