BLDC motor model using JMAG RT table for control development of an electromechanical actuator integrated in a sport car

Isabel Ramirez Ruiz
/ Federico Cheli, Edoardo Sabbioni
Politecnico di Milano


One of the main characteristic of a sport car is the drive pleasure at the limit of lateral and longitudinal adherence at the entrance and exit of the curve. To reach these targets an accurate studies of suspension kinematics and compliance together with the tire development has been made. A step further will be get with the integration of an intelligent active system into the vehicle suspension for a better control of the tire contact patch. The presented active system is an electromechanical actuator model part of the multibody model of the vehicle suspension. The actuator model is represented by the mechanical parts and electrical parts with a well detailed BLDC motor characteristics using the RT table from the JMAG FEM model. The virtual model will used for the BLDC motor control tune for a better achievement of the vehicle targets.

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