Integrated Framework for Design Synthesis and Optimization of IPM Machine for Off Highway Applications

Shashikiran HK
John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.


The Development of PMSM is proceeding at a rapid phase because of the expanding range of their application. Continuous development in energy products and technological ecosystems has been influential for this rapid growth.
Existing high-performance machine architecture can be enhanced marginally in performance by better thermal management. However, for next generation electric machines co-development with cooling ecosystem and vehicle powertrain is essential to deliver optimum and overall system performance.
This paper presents an integrated framework to enable the radical design changes which are essential to achieve higher performance and low-cost to ensure longer team targets are met. This framework evaluates each optimized electromagnetic design for its thermal boundaries at each iteration considering the system limitations. And cost estimation model is also an integral part of the optimization framework, which enables us to have better understanding of the impact that each design has on the cost. This empowers us with essential datasets to support innovations that are essential to meet the performance and cost targets.

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