Automated Electric-Machine Design Workflow in the Cloud for Aviation Applications

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Daniel Csapo, Electric Machine Design, Rolls-Royce Hungary Kft.


Rolls-Royce Electrical is committed to the electrification of aerospace industry. Agility, continuous innovation and the use of leading-edge technologies are crucial to accelerate the delivery of our electrification strategy and to boost our ambition to play a major role in this field.
Cloud-based technologies offer a high-degree of flexibility and scalability with on-demand resources which allows us to quickly respond to the business needs. Automation is crucial in this process. It helps us to iterate faster, respond quicker and reduces time-to-market.
Our goal is to increase our agility with an automated electric machine design workflow in the cloud. JMAG software is fundamental in the design process and plays a major role to create a coupled multiphysics environment. JMAG’s scripting capabilities and interfaces to other simulation software allows us to create our Simulation Twin – a simulated counterpart of the physical product.
In this presentation I’m going to give an insight into the design process of this workflow, highlighting how JMAG helps to achieve our goals and also a live cloud demonstration will be included.

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