Analysis and Optimization of Motors for Electric Vehicles

ChiLu Lee
Vast Power Corporation


The application of electric motors in electric vehicles differs significantly from their use in other industrial applications. They are typically required to exhibit superior power density and operate at higher performance levels in terms of parameters such as speed and torque, leading to more stringent challenges in motor design. Motor design must consider of various wider range of operating conditions and more efficient utilization of the motor’s physical space, demanding precise control over internal dimensions. This necessitates effective and precise methods for evaluating the rational utilization of dimensions.
VAST Power utilizes JMAG Express Classic as the starting point for motor design projects. Through parameterized motor characteristics estimation, it allows for the rapid determination of fundamental motor dimensions such as outer diameter and stack height etc.
Following JMAG Express Classic, JMAG Express is used for detailed analysis, confirming magnetic flux density in critical dimensions and assessing motor operational characteristics, including Back Electromotive Force (BEMF), starting torque, rated torque, torque ripple, and efficiency mapping etc.
The basic analysis flow created in JMAG Express can be transferred to JMAG Designer efficiently, where it can be adapted to company-specific drawings and variables, enabling integrated project analysis with multiple studies.
Building on the integrated project analysis with multiple studies, it becomes possible to conduct optimization analysis by assigning weights to different critical parameters, ensuring simultaneous fulfillment of customer operational requirements and cost considerations.

Analysis and Optimization of Motors for Electric Vehicles

Analysis and Optimization of Motors for Electric Vehicles

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