Verification of Motor Component Losses using Large-Scale Analysis

Daisuke Misu
Electrical/Mechanical Systems and Power Electronics R&D Dept.,
Infrastructure Systems Research and Development Center,
Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation


The main components of a motor are the iron core, coils, magnets, and secondary conductors, and reduction of their losses has been considered.
Losses also occur in other parts of the motor. That is, plates to hold the iron core and brackets to hold the bearings. To improve the efficiency of motors, it is important not only to reduce losses in the main components, but also to reduce losses in other components. However, to calculate the loss of motor peripheral components, the analysis model becomes large and the computational load increases.
In this presentation, the loss of the motor structure is calculated using a large-scale analysis with massive parallel processing, and the loss of the peripheral components was calculated to clarify the components whose loss should be considered in the design and compared with the experiment.

Verification of Motor Component Losses using Large-Scale Analysis

Verification of Motor Component Losses using Large-Scale Analysis

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