Coupled Analysis of Induction Motor using JMAG-Express

Ryuki Haruna
R&D Dept.,


The biggest advantage of introducing electromagnetic field analysis is the reduction of development lead time, including prototyping and evaluation tests. We have also introduced electromagnetic field analysis for several years and have been working on the construction of analysis technology.
In addition to magnetic characteristics, the evaluation items of motor design include thermal characteristics and vibration characteristics, and in order to eliminate prototype production and evaluation tests, it is important to evaluate these by coupled analysis. Therefore, this time, we have built a new analysis environment for our products by combining the electromagnetic field analysis know-how we have cultivated at our company with the thermal analysis function installed in JMAG-Express, and we would like to introduce the process.

Coupled Analysis of Induction Motor using JMAG-Express

Coupled Analysis of Induction Motor using JMAG-Express

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