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  1. okayamauniv

    Investigation of Error Factors between Measurement and Analysis Results of Torque in a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor under High Speed Rotation

    Masatsugu Takemoto, Okayama University

  2. [L-MB-28] The Incorporation of JMAG into Model Based Design

    The JMAG-provided plant model (JMAG-RT) simulates the characteristics of an actual machine with high-fidelity information, acquired by means of FEA, and realizes a highly reliable…

  3. [JAC041] Positioning Control Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Linear Motor Using the Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    This Application Note presents how to use the JMAG-RT to obtain the space harmonics and current dependency of the thrust and coil inductance and import them to a circuit/control s…

  4. [JAC011] Pull-in/pull-out Analysis of a PM Stepper Motor Using a Control Simulator and the JMAG-RT

    This note presents how JMAG-RT can be used to calculate holding torque and coil inductance that varies with current. The result is the JMAG-RT motor model used as a reference for …

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