Novel Permanent Magnet Brushless Machines and Applications

Professor. Z.Q. Zhu
Fellow IEEE, University of Sheffield, UK


Compared with induction machines and switched reluctance machines, one of the novel features of permanent magnet brushless machines is that there exhibit numerous machine topologies. In this presentation, selected novel topologies and performance features of various permanent magnet brushless machines will be presented and potential applications highlighted.
These include:
(a) Halbach machines,
(b) Fractional slot machines,
(c) Magnetic geared machines,
(d) Double salient and flux reversal machines,
(e) Various switched flux machines,
(f) Various hybrid excited machines, as well as
(g) Magnetless machines.
The presentation emphasis will be on some permanent magnet machines which are developed at the University of Sheffield for various applications, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The presentation will also provide some backgrounds as to how the new concepts can be generated by utilising the novel features of machine topologies.


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