Magnetic Gears

Hamid A. Toliyat
Texas A&M University


Although magnetic counterparts of the mechanical gears were first introduced in the early twentieth century, it was not until recently that they caught significant interest from the researchers in the field as a promising technology for various torque-demanding applications; specifically among which is the rapidly growing market of EVs and HEVs.
While enjoying a high torque density upon use of high energy density permanent magnets, magnetic gears offer several advantages over mechanical gears: very low to no maintenance requirement, low noise operation, and inherent overload capability. This talk, first, brushes over different types of magnetic gears and then focuses on a particular type which has attracted attentions the most: concentric planetary gear. Its structure and modes of operation are presented and it is shown how Two-Dimensional (2D) and Three-Dimensional (3D) Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be employed to analyse this magnetic device.


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