JMAG-Designer V13 New Function Seminar in 台湾


主催: Flotrend Corp.
日時: 2014年3月11日(火)
場所: GIS NTU Convention Center(台湾:台北)

JMAG-Designer Ver.13 has been released in December, 2013. Development of Ver.13 saw 40 or more functions newly added, including a high parallel solver, high precision loss modeling and multiphysics function (Small Multiphysics) as its main functions.
The high parallel solver will brighten prospects for a new step to the electromagnetic analysis in terms of size and detail degree of an analysis, which we could not achieve up until now.
For the loss analysis, material properties including hysteresis loop were added to the database. Moreover, a higher precision loss analysis is realized and takes into consideration the effect of stress due to production degradation.
Ver.13 not only broadens the analysis size and deepens details, the Small Multi-physics function can simplify complicated, troublesome handling of complex phenomena to an easily-handled thermal/structural design together with a magnetic field analysis.


Time Topic
13:00 – 13:20 Registration
13:20 – 13:30 Welcome Flotrend
13:30 – 14:30 JMAG Designer V13 new function

  1. High Speed Solver
    • High Parallel Solver (Electromagnetic Field Analysis)
    • Multi-Slice Method
  2. Higher Precision Loss Calculation
    • Greater Precision of Stress-Dependent Iron Loss Calculations
    • Adding Hysteresis Material to Database
  3. Multi-physics
    • Magnetic Field Analysis/Centrifugal Force Calculation
    • Magnetic Field Analysis/ Thermal Equivalent Circuit Calculation
    • Thermal Analysis/Thermal Stress Calculation
    • New Framework for Coupled Analysis
      1. Direct Execution of Coupled Analysis
      2. Geometry data sharing between different analysis types
    • Vibration Transient Analysis
14 :40 – 14:50 Break
14:50 – 16:20
  1. Mesh Generation
    • Generating thin mesh
  2. Optimization
    • Displaying sensitivity analysis results using response surface.
  3. Results Analysis
    • Controlling Result Rendering Type for Each Part
    • Density Control of Vector Rendering
    • Efficiency Map Supporting Induction Machines and Consideration of Temperature
  4. Model-Based Development
    • rtt file current amplitude/phase local correction
    • Expansion of Multi-Purpose File Export Tool
    • Expanding LMS Virtual Lab. Interface
16:20 – 16:50 JMAG-Express Public
16:50 – 17:00 Q & A


JMAG-Designer Ver.13の新機能と、JMAG-Expressの機能についてデモを交えて紹介いたしました。