[L-OP-57] Quick Evaluation of Diverse Designs


In order to pursue higher-performance machine design, it is necessary to grasp the influence of small changes in design proposals on machine characteristics. For evaluating many designs quickly and identifying optimal characteristics, the ability to analyze all the designs at a high speed is indispensable.
Simultaneous calculations using clusters such as from an HPC system can shorten calculation time. JMAG optimizes the job submission of multiple cases to maximize the performance of distributed processing.
For example, the required number of cases for the design verification of the rotating machines increases significantly because it needs to run not only many different designs but also each design needs to evaluate the map such as the efficiency map. Consequently, the total number of cases becomes more than 10 K.

Fig. 1 Parametric analysis of a rotating machine
Fig. 1 Parametric analysis of a rotating machine
The cases consisting of 335 designs and 30 operating points are calculated for determining the efficiency map. The model has 50,000 elements and 193 steps.

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