[L-SE-59] Detailed Modeling for Harmonic Loss Analysis


In IPM motors driven by PWM inverters, eddy current losses occur due to carrier harmonics. For higher efficiency, it is important to evaluate harmonic loss during the design process. In order to accurately determine the harmonic loss, it is necessary to generate an optimal mesh for the evaluation of the loss. In JMAG, it is possible to automatically perform mesh division optimally for each part. In particular, it is possible to generate meshes for complicated geometries such as around the coil ends of a motor or a skew.
In this report, the ease of performing an analysis is demonstrated for the case when modeling in detail the coils and magnets during the evaluation of eddy current losses occurring in those coils and magnets in the PWM-driven IPM motor. The model to be evaluated is an IPM motor with 4 poles and 24 slots. There is a step skew in the rotor, and the motor is assumed to be driven by a PWM inverter with a carrier frequency of 10 kHz.

Fig. 1 IPM motor harmonic loss analysis
Fig. 1 IPM motor harmonic loss analysis

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