[L-OP-61] Smooth and robust optimization process in JMAG


The optimization is indispensable in machines design. Especially the optimization must consider not only the magnetic design issues but also the mechanical and the thermal design issues. JMAG supports the multiphysics simulation and makes it easy to set up the optimization considering the multiphysics.
JMAG provides the seamless interface to operate the multiphysics optimization. Therefore it is easy to set up the optimization of an IPM motor considering the saliency of inductance and the stress of the rotor core. The objective functions are.

  • Maximize the saliency (magnetic field analysis)
  • Maximum stress as the constraint (structural analysis)

JMAG supports the genetic algorithm as built-in engine.

(a)IPM motor(a)IPM motor

(b)Maximum Stress vs Inductance Saliency(b)Maximum Stress vs Inductance Saliency

Fig.1 Optimization of the rotor shape of an IPM motor
The shape of the flux barrier is the design parameters to obtain the higher saliency. The stress analysis is applied to evaluate the maximum stress in the rotor because there is the trade-off between the flux barrier shape and the stress.

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