[L-MU-91] NVH analysis of EV drivelines with JMAG and Romax Nexus


NVH is the one of most critical issues in the drivelines development of EV/ HEV. There are several points to be considered for the NVH analysis of the driveline. To evaluate the NVH of the driveline properly, it is necessary to consider not only electric machines but also other components such as the housing, bearings and the gear box. It is also essential to evaluate not only one single operating condition, but a wide range of them.
The solution is to use JMAG together with Romax Nexus. Romax Nexus is a design software for mechanical and electro-mechanical drivelines that has been developed by Romax Technology. Using JMAG and Romax Nexus makes the NVH analysis of drivelines easy and accurate.

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