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  1. Resent trend of the permanent magnet and the magnetic field analysis technology

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  2. Application and possibilities of High Silicon Steels-JFE Super Core

    Hironori Ninomiya, JFE Steel Corporation


    Akira Chiba, Tokyo University of Science

  4. Demands for electromagnetic field analysis and problems specific to transformers

    Shigekazu Sakabe, Tabuchi Electric Co.,Ltd.

  5. Current Status of NdFeB Magnet and Analysis method

    Yasuhiro Marukawa, NEOMAX CO.,LTD.

  6. Resent Progress of Non-oriented Electrical Steel and Measurement Techniques

    H.Mogi, Nippon Steel Corporation

  7. Evolution of Recent Electric Motors

    Masayuki Morimoto, Tokai University

  8. Motor Design Technologies Considering Detailed Magnetic Properties in Magnetic Core

    Akihiro Daikoku, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  9. Inductance simulation for Bus Bar

    Motomichi Ohto, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

  10. Recent Small High Power BL Motors

    Morihiro Saito, Motion System Tech inc.

  11. Analysis of Transformer using JMAG-Studio

    Hidenori Uematsu, Panasonic Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd

  12. Large Stroke Linear Oscillators based on Giant Magnetostrictive Material

    Yoshio Mitsutake, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.

  13. Analysis of the Magnetic Force Acting on the Toner in the Black Image Area and White Image Area in the Magnetic Printer

    Norio Kokaji, Meisei University

  14. Evaluation of Motors Using Powder Magnetic Cores by JMAG-Studio


  15. Electromagnetic and Thermal Modeling of a PermanentMagnet Synchronous Machine with Either a Laminated orSMC Stator

    Dave Farnia, Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company

  16. Magnetization Patterns and Motor Effeciency of the NEOQUENCH-DR

    Takao Yabumi, Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

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