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  1. A Method for Nonlinear Magnetic Field Analysis Taking Account of the 2-D Magnetization Property

    Koji Fujiwara, Okayama University

  2. Analysis of 2-D Magnetization Property using by JMAG

    Hiroshi Hashimoto, The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

  3. Improvement of Motor Core Performance by Practical Use Developed Evaluation Technique for Electrical Steel

    Masao Yabumoto,Takeaki Wakisaka,Chikara Kaido, Nippon Steel Corporation

  4. The design of microwave circuits using the simulation technology

    Tatsuya Kashiwa, Kitami Institute of Technology

  5. FDTD Calculations of Heating Characteristics of Thin Coaxial Antennas for Medical Treatments

    Kazuyuki Saito, Chiba University

  6. Mechanism Investigation and Source Improvement of Surface-wave Interfered Plasma Using JMAG WV

    Nobumasa Suzuki, Canon Inc.

  7. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of AC Relay By 3D Model and Auto Mesh

    Katsumi Takahashi,Takeshi Nishiyama, OMRON Corporation

  8. Cogging Torque Analysis of Thin-Shaped Permanent Motor With Pole-Orientations Taking into Account of Material Properties

    Takushi Fujioka,Youichi Tanabe, FUJITSU GENERAL LIMITED

  9. Head Field analysis of high-density recording write heads

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  10. Transient Analysis of Write Head for Hard Disk Drives -Comparison Analysis and Electron Beam Tomography Measurement-

    Kimio Nakamura, Hitachi, Ltd.

  11. Magnetic Printing Simulation for Hard Disk Drives by Using Finite Element Method

    Akira AHSGON, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  12. Analysis of A New Motor Drive Control Technology Using by JMAG

    Hideshi Ohtsuka, SHARP Corporation

  13. Recent Analysis Method of Motors Using 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro kawase, Gifu University

  14. New Practical Analysis of Actuators by 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

  15. Characteristics Analysis of Scroll-Actuator using 3-D Finite Element Method

    Katsuhiro Hirata, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.

  16. Design of a thin film write head using transient magnetic field analysis

    Ken-ichi Kitamura, Sony Corporation

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