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  1. Electromagnetics CAE Engineers Education at Mitsubishi Electric

    Hiroshi Hisha, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

    • Use of JMAG-Studio and AMDESS for the Optimaization of Transformer Shape

      Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

    • Application of Electromagnetic Coupling with motion for High Speed Circuit Breaker

      Toshie Takeuchi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

    • Alternator Three-dimensional Analysis that Incorporates Rectifier Circuit

      Yuji Naruse,Masao Ichikawa,Atsuo Ishizuka, DENSO CORPORATION,NIPPON SOKEN,INC.

    • Analysis of Characteristics of Permanent Magnet-Field Type Synchronous Generator using JMAG-Studio(DP)

      Takayuki Fujikawa, Shin-Daiwa-Kogyo Co.,Ltd

    • Development of Fast Frequency Sweep for JMAG’s High Frequency Solver

      David Dibben, The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

    • Numerical Calculation of AC Loss of Superconductor including Magnetic Field Dependence of Critical Current

      Edmund S.Otabe, Kyushu Institute of Technology

    • Numerical Analysis of AC Loss in High-Tc Superconducting Cables

      Shoichi Honjo, Tokyo Electric Power Company

    • Analysis of 2-D Magnetization Property using by JMAG

      Hiroshi Hashimoto, The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

    • A Method for Nonlinear Magnetic Field Analysis Taking Account of the 2-D Magnetization Property

      Koji Fujiwara, Okayama University

    • Numerical Calculation of AC Loss of Superconductor

      Edmund S.Otabe, Kyushu Institute of Technology

    • A sstudy of the tip electric field of other materials in XLPE cable

      Masahiko Nakade, TEPCO

      • Modeling and Simulation of EMI in Power Electoronics Systems

        Satoshi Ogasawara, Utsunomiya University

      • Demands for electromagnetic field analysis and problems specific to transformers

        Shigekazu Sakabe, Tabuchi Electric Co.,Ltd.

      • Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator Using JMAG

        Hisashi Yajima,Nobuhiro Fujiwara,Yoshikazu Tatsumi,Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, SMC Corporation/Shinshu University

      • Comparison between IPM and SPM based on Experiment and Analysis Result(Report of Harumi Project1)

        Kan Akatsu,Katsuyuki Narita,Yoshuki Sakashita,Takashi Yamada, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology/JRI Solutions, Ltd.

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