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  1. Detailed Evaluation of High-frequency Transformers/Reactors

    Takayuki Nishio, JSOL Corp.

  2. Potential of FEM Analysis

    Fumihiko Goto, Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

    • Comparison of electromagnetic and thermal modelling with JMAG with electromagnetic and thermal equivalent circuit models and experimental test results

      Shinara UTEGENOVA, Airbus Helicopters

    • The thermal field simulation analysis of the JMAG platform for the FAW Technology Center

      Zeng jingling, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center

    • Optimization calculation of JMAG and its application in proportional solenoid valve

      Zhou Wangjing, Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute, FAW, China

    • Stator of variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor based on Designer JMAG Study on the calculation of optimal skew slot angle

      Xiong haifang, Tempel Changzhou

    • JMAG in RT-Lab HIL Simulator

      Qiu huajing, ShangHai KeLiang Information Tech. & Eng. Co., Ltd.

    • Induction Motor Sound and Co-simulation with JMAG and Virtual.lab

      Li xin, EMERSON Climate Technologies

    • Introduction of the two development platform of JMAG

      Zhong xiulin, IDAJ-China Co.,LTD.

      • Acoustic Noise Analysis of a High-Speed High-Power Switched Reluctance Machine: Frame Effects

        Berker Bilgin, McMaster University

      • Development planning of JMAG

        Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

        • Noise and Vibration of Oil-Immersed Transformer Generated by Load Current

          Kiyoshi Wakimoto, Transformer Team, T&D Core Technology Development Office, Meidensha Corporation

        • Starting performance analysis of solid salient poles synchronous motor by Finite Element Method

          Ryosuke Tan, Design Section Large Rotating Machinery Department 1, Rotating Machinery Systems Division, TOSHIBA MITSUBISHI-ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION

        • Introduction to the Difference between Electromagnetic Induction and Magnetic Resonance Coupling

          Takehiro Imura, Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Systems, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

        • Some JMAG Designing Technique on IPMSM under a Magnet-Saving Scheme

          Tadashi Sonobe, MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD.

        • Eddy Current Loss Evaluation and Temperature Rise Verification of Stator Core Clamping Stud Bolts in Alternating Current Rotational Machines


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