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  1. Issue 1 Asking an LMS engineer -Applying Model Based Development to Vibration and Sound Problems in Electrical Equipment-

    How far has model based development spread? CAE editionI laid out the logic behind model based development in the series that I wrote last year, so this year I would like to repor…

  2. Final Issue Model-based Development Requires the Ability to Expand, Shrink, and Share the Model

    Explanation: Model-based DevelopmentThis series discusses JMAG's contributions to model-based development. Issue 1 talks about the motivation behind developing "JMAG-RT" for contr…

  3. Issue 3: Easily Joining Complicated Physical Phenomena and Contributing to Improvements in Development Efficiency

    Explanation: Model-based DevelopmentIn the last issue, we introduced the development intention of JMAG-RT that is one of the solutions for model-based development, resulting outco…

  4. Issue 2 Upgraded Functions for JMAG-RT

    Explanation: Model-based DevelopmentThe fundamental efforts of JMAG for "model-based development (MBD)," which is starting to be applied to the development process as introduced p…

  5. Issue 1 Efforts in JMAG for Model-based Design

    Explanation: Model-based DevelopmentRecently, model-based design (development) is a term starting to be used in the development process. These reports discuss what model-based des…

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