[JFT069] Performing Harmonic Loss Calculations Accounting for Current Control with JMAG-Designer and JMAG-RT

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With permanent magnet synchronous motor (below, PM motor) control, a PWM inverter is used to create a command current. An understanding of loss is essential for increasing PM motor efficiency. It is known that core iron loss and core copper loss increase due to PWM carrier harmonics. For this reason, loss analysis that takes into account current waveform harmonics using control is useful.
In JMAG, a control block can be defined using circuit data and displacements as state variables. By using a high-accuracy plant model (below, a JMAG-RT model), it is possible to reduce the amount of time required to reach steady-state, and loss and efficiency can be evaluated more efficiently. Also, the analysis execution can be terminated when steady-state is reached.
In this document, how to calculate the harmonic loss of a current controlled (PWM controlled) PM motor at high speed using a JMAG-RT model is presented.


feedback, control, current, iron loss, copper loss, harmonics, carrier, JMAG-RT, steady-state

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