[JFT070] Creating a PM motor Efficiency Map Using JMAG-Designer (Accuracy Priority Mode)

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Motor design initially sees a large number of general design proposals that are investigated until being narrowed down to prospective designs that satisfy requirements. An efficiency map is drawn for each motor design proposal in this narrowing-down process. Using efficiency maps to confirm possible drive regions and each operating point with an efficiency map can be advantageous. Once a prospective design has been narrowed down, AC loss that considers inverters can be taken into account, and efficiency maps of a higher accuracy are created and then evaluated.
Creating an efficiency map typically takes a considerable amount of work, but a seamless process of investigation is possible by using JMAG efficiency map studies.
This document describes methods for creating an efficiency map using a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (accuracy priority).


Efficiency Map, Accuracy priority, PM motor

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