[JFT167] Adding Arbitrary Circuits to JMAG Model Equivalent Circuits

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In motor development, evaluations are run by using high-accuracy motor models in SILS/HILS with the objective of adapting the control parameters. Although high-accuracy motor models run as equivalent circuits on the circuit, there exists the requirement to modify the equivalent circuit as needed to accommodate for corrections or coming up with ideas for the windings.
When using MATLAB/Simulink to run a high-accuracy motor model that can be created from JMAG (hereafter referred to as a JMAG-RT model), components and the wiring can be added to the reference equivalent circuit of the JMAG-RT model.
This document explains how to add arbitrary circuits when running JMAG-RT models with MATLAB/Simulink.


JMAG-RT, MATLAB/Simulink, HILS, SILS, Arbitrary circuit, Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, Netlist, Coordinated design

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