[W-MB-102] Motor Efficiency Map Evaluation for Model-Based Development (MBD) Using FEA Simulation

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1. Model-Based Development and efficiency maps

In MBD, it is necessary to evaluate devices characteristics without having to wait for the manufacturing of a prototype. The motor efficiency map is one of the important evaluation items in motor drive system development. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to obtain the motor efficiency map with high accuracy using FEA simulation.

However, if we talk about an efficiency map evaluation, depending on the development stage the accuracy and calculation costs of the efficiency map are evaluated differently. Here, we consider the efficiency map evaluation in the following two stages:

  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed performance evaluation

In the conceptual design the characteristics of the machine are evaluated while changing its topology and shape. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the efficiency map for each generated shape. In order to evaluate a large number of cases, the cost (calculation time) spent on one map generation has to be limited. On the other hand, in the stage of detailed performance evaluation, a prototype is usually made, and the performance evaluation on a motor bench is performed. In MBD, bench tests are replaced with simulated virtual tests. Therefore, in simulation, an accuracy equivalent to a real machine is required.

Evaluation of efficiency map by simulation is possible by using FEA software [1] [2]. However, there are few documents that mention the map evaluation for each development stage as described above. This white paper explains the concept design and the efficiency map generation evaluation method in the detailed performance evaluation. Furthermore, the accuracy required for the map and the calculation cost, of its generation will be described.

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