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  1. [JAC014] Inductance Analysis of a Bus Bar

    This note presents a case study on the current distribution and the frequency versus inductance characteristic of the bus bar.

  2. Inductance simulation for Bus Bar

    Motomichi Ohto, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

  3. [JAC118] Thermal Analysis of a Bus Bar

    This Application Note presents how to obtain the temperature distribution in a bus bar or the like with changes in the power supply frequency.

  4. Using JMAG and ANSYS for coupled thermal solution of a high current bus bar exit in GSU transformers

    Costin Ruja, Trafo Proiect SRL

  5. Applied cases to production technology development using magnetic field – thermal coupling analysis

    Masaya Fukuda, OMRON Corporation

  6. Magnetic Field Analysis of Rectifiers

    Tomohisa Yamagishi, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  7. [JAC198] Bus Bar Thermal Stress Analysis

    Here, temperature distributions for bus bars are obtained when the power supply frequency is changed.

  8. [W-SE-95] Improvement in Generation of Three-Dimensional Skin Mesh

    We have improved the reliability of skin mesh generation for JMAG-Designer in this work, and thus, its details are introduced in this paper.

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