Eddy Current Analysis of Narrow Track Write Heads for Hard Disk Drives -Coparison Longitudinal and Perpendicular Recording Heads-

Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology


Narrow-track write heads are investigated by using nonlinear eddy current transient analysis. First, off-the-track stray field form longitudinal recording heads are analyzed.It is found that they have weak recording and large stray fields. Then, numerical modeling of perpendicular recording heads is discussed and recording fields of longitudinal and perpendicular recording heads are compared. Because perpendicular recording head produces larger recording field and weaker stray field, it has an advantage for narrow track recordings over the longitudinal one. Finally, the delay of recording field by perpendicular head is small for recording current of 1-2GHz, therefore,it has potential for high-speed recordings.

Key words: eddy current analysis, magnetic recording, write head, longitudinal recording head, perpendicular recording head, naπow track recording.

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