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  1. [JAC258] Magnetic Shield Geometry Optimization

    In this example, a case study in which the geometry of a magnetic shield is optimized using topology optimization that uses a sensitivity analysis (density method) is presented. D…

  2. [L-OP-109] Exploration of New Ideas Using Topology Optimization

    The requirements for motor design are getting more advanced, satisfying torque ripple, line voltage limit, stress of core, as well as maximize the torque at low and high speeds. I…

  3. Optimal Design Using Computational Electromagnetism

    Hajime Igarashi, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University

  4. Magnetic Shield Design Optimization in HDD Writer

    Kenkichi Anagawa, TDK Corporation

  5. [JAC053] Magnetic Shielding Analysis of a Shield Room

    This Application Note explains how to handle the magnetic shielding phenomena used by the shield room when an external magnetic field is applied, and from there how to confirm the…

  6. Optimization Method for Inner Magnetic Shield in CRT

    Miyoko Okutani, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  7. Applications of Optimal Design Methods in Magnetic Field Problems

    Shinji Wakao, Waseda University

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