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  1. [JAC251] Alternator Vibration Analysis

    In this example, the electromagnetic force generated in the stator core of a claw pole alternator is obtained, and acceleration is evaluated with an electromagnetic force - struct…

  2. [JAC253] Analysis of an Induction Generator

    In this example, the relationship between the output power and efficiency of the induction generator is shown here.

  3. [JAC216] Simulation of a Claw-Pole Type Alternator Using a Control Simulator and JMAG-RT

    In this example, the output voltage and field current of a claw-pole type alternator is checked when the rotor speed is changed.

  4. [JAC212] AC Loss Analysis of a Claw Pole Alternator

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluates AC losses in coils of claw pole alternator.

  5. [JAC121] Output Analysis of a Salient-Pole Synchronous Generator

    This Application Note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the magnetic flux density distribution, no-load saturation curve, and output of a salient-pole synchr…

  6. [JAC025] Analysis of a Claw Pole Alternator

    This Application Note presents the use of an electromagnetic field analysis to evaluate the output capacity of a claw pole alternator operating at 1500 rpm while accounting for ed…

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