Eccentricity Analysis

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  1. 217 – Creating Efficiency Maps for 3-Phase Induction Motors

    OverviewDue to advances in the variable speed drive technology of induction motors, its application to fields requiring wide drive ranges is making progress. Efficiency maps for drive ranges are avai…

    13 Mar 2018

  2. 207 – Transfer Torque and Efficiency Analysis of Magnetic Gear

    OverviewGears are used to transfer power. Velocity and torque are transformed depending on the gear ratio. Originally, mechanical gears using conventional wheels had issues with noise due to the mesh…

    9 Mar 2018

  3. 199 – Efficiency Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer via Electromagnetic Induction Method using Resonance Circuits

    OverviewIn recent years, electromagnetic induction type transmission is considered for applied use in wireless power supply systems for electric vehicles (hereinafter, referred to as EV) and plug-in …

  4. 93 – Cogging Torque Analysis of a Motor with 8 Poles and 9 Slots Accounting for Eccentricity

    OverviewEccentricity can occur on the center axis or the rotation axis of a motor. It is advantageous to evaluate the effects of eccentricity because it can cause vibrations and noise and break the s…

    10 Sep 2009

  5. 115 – Eccentricity Analysis of an SPM Motor

    OverviewMotors have many parts, which must be assembled correctly for a usable product. Even if each part is made within acceptable limits for manufacturing errors, when various parts with small erro…

    14 Apr 2009

  6. 58 – Efficiency Analysis of an IPM Motor

    OverviewAn IPM motor's features are in its rotor geometry, where its magnets are embedded. When the stator's rotating magnetic field is applied in a direction that runs perpendicular to the rotor mag…

    24 Oct 2008

  7. 23 – Eccentricity Analysis of an IPM Motor

    OverviewRotor eccentricity is one cause of vibration and noise in motors. It is well known that motor torque is produced by electromagnetic attraction and repulsion between the stator and rotor, but …

    12 Apr 2007

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